Monday, September 9, 2013

Glitter French Mani - Yay or Nay?

I simply LOVE French manicures because they're clean, elegant, and most importantly, they match with anything.  

French tends to be my default nail style.  But today, I decided to add some sparkles to my mani to spice up the look while still keeping it professional.

Get the look...

  • 1 coat of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Smooth and Strong Base Coat ($7.99 at Ulta):  ALWAYS use a base coat to protect against polish seeping into your nails (causing them to turn yellow)  I find that the Sally Hansen one is pretty fortifying and protective. 
  • 1 coat of NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in French White Tip ($0.99 in drugstores):  I know a lot of people, who struggle with
    painting the tips, like to use white nail art pens.  Those pens may give you a smoother application, but an actual brush will give you more control when you are painting, and polish formulas generally stay on better.  I like the NYC white polish for French manis because the brush is relatively thin, and the formula has a higher viscosity...perfect for nail tips!  Considering how cheap this stuff is, it lasts a pretty long time, which is always a bonus.
  • 1 coat of Essie Nail Enamel in Mademoiselle ($8 at Ulta) Really you can use any
    sheer pink (or other color) that you'd like.  I like the Essie polishes in general because I find that they're more long-lasting than other brands. Mademoiselle is a nice balance between sheer and color.  However, it may be too pink for those of you, who prefer a more nude French mani.
  • 1 coat of Confetti Long Wearing Nail Color in Dreamdate ($1.99 at
    :  This is actually my first time using a Confetti polish.  So far, I'm liking it.  The brush is really nice, and the color is just what I was looking for (An ultra sheer pink with tiny glitter particles).  We'll see how it holds up!  But if you want a more matte, sparkle-free look, trade this coat for another coat of Essie Mademoiselle.
  • 1 coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine Extended Wear Top Coat ($6.99 at Ulta): 
    When it comes to finish, I'm all about the shine.  The shiniest top coat that I've used is Mega Shine...I absolutely obsessed with it.  Don't forgo the top coat!  It sets the whole look and keeps your polish from chipping as quickly. 

What do you think about a French mani with a little bit of sparkle?


  1. Dig the sparkle! Will be nice for the holidays too :)

  2. I love some sparkle on nails any time of the year really..looks cute