Monday, August 12, 2013

Cosmetics You Should Buy Organic

We hear all of the time that there are certain produce and meat items that you should buy organic.  How about personal care products?  Well there are definitely a few beauty products that have a bad rep.  So, you should try to go natural when it comes to these:

1.  Hand Soap

90% of Americans wash their hands at least five times per day (American Cleaning Institute).  Unfortunately, most popular hand soaps including Softsoap and Dial products use triclosan as a cleansing agent.  In other words, Americans are exposing themselves to one of the most potentially toxic personal care ingredients on the market multiple times per day.  Most natural hand soaps are triclosan-free and just as effective at killing germs.

Product Recommendation:  Method Gel Hand Wash ($3.99 at drugstores)

2.  Nail Polish

Nail polish can be filled with toxic chemicals.  The most dangerous chemicals found in nail polishes are the Big 3: formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate.  The majority of popular nail brands have removed these chemicals from their formulas.  Even without the Big 3, nail polishes contain other controversial chemicals, which make it a water-resistant varnish.  In fact, nail polish is extremely flammable and emits fumes.  In landfills, it can leak harmful toxins into the soil and water...all red flags that should make you question how safe nail polish actually is.  Although nail polish in general can pose health risks, natural products pose fewer and come in many of the same pretty colors :)

Product Recommendation:  Zoya Nail Polish ($8 at Ulta)

3.  Deodorant

Attention women!  A recent study conducted by the Journal of Toxicology found that 99% of women with breast cancer had at least one type of paraben present in their breast tissue.  Why?  Drugstore deodorants often contain either parabens, which mimic estrogens in the body as well as aluminum.  In addition, many breast cancers develop in the area that is close to the armpit, where the large pores can absorb anti-perspirants.  In general, these parabens and aluminum can be dangerous, but on your armpits, you are putting yourself even more at risk.  Keep in mind that the study was preliminary, did not consider how many parabens were present in non-cancerous tissue, and did not actually prove any causal link.  But, my philosophy is better safe than sorry!

Product Recommendation:  Desert Essence Dry by Nature Deodorant ($6.25 at Whole Foods)

4.  Body lotion

Many grocery store body lotions are filled with parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil...yikes!  However, most people end up smoothing this stuff over their entire bodies and allow it to sit on the skin for hours.  Since body lotion is a product that you are exposing your entire body to, you should put extra effort into making sure that your moisturizer is a healthy one.
Product Recommendation:  Kiss My Face Moisturizer ($11.95 at drugstores) 

What products do you buy natural?

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