Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great Products You Didn't Even Know Existed

Today, I wanted to share with you some unique beauty products and tools that you may not have heard of, but will change your life.  Of course, all of these products are free of toxic ingredients.

Check it out:

1.  Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks ($5.99 at drugstores)
Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks are Q-tips with makeup remover in them.  How do they work?  The two ends of the Q-tips are dry with a gentle, non-oily makeup remover solution in the middle of the two ends.  Just snap the wand at the purple line, and the solution will dispense into one end of the Q-tip.  Definitely a great product to keep in your purse!  I like to use it during my mid-day makeup touch-up to clean up any eyeliner or mascara that has migrated during the day.

2.  Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover ($9.50 at Sephora)
My cousin, Serena, bought this stuff for me for Christmas (Thanks Serena!), and it is great. Inside of the jar/bottle is a foam cushion soaked in a nail polish remover solution.  You simply stick your finger in the bottle, and place your nail against the foam cushion.  Watch as the nail polish dissolves in 10 seconds.  No cotton ball or rubbing necessary!  This product is especially helpful for taking off those stubborn glittery nail polishes.

3.  Makeup Forever Aqua Seal ($21 at Sephora)
Want to turn that shimmery, bronze shadow into a eyeliner that won't budge?  With Makeup Forever Aqua Seal you can turn any powder eyeshadow into a liquid eyeliner.  Add a drop of the seal to the shadow, mix with your eyeliner brush, and then apply.  I like to use powder eyeshadows as liners for a softer, more natural look.  Sometimes if I really like an eyeshadow shade that isn't available as a liner, I simply turn that shade into a liner.  The Aqua Seal makes the shadow liner much easier to apply and keeps it on my eyes all day.

4.  Yu-Be Heel & Elbow Moisturizing Socks ($13.50 on
One of the best ways to lock in moisture to get baby soft feet is to moisturize your feet and then put socks over them.  But socks can be really hot and uncomfortable when you are sleeping or in the summertime.  So check out the Yu-Be Heel & Elbow Moisturizing Socks.  They are thin socks that cover only the heel of the foot, leaving your toes exposed.  Made with a material called chitosan, the socks are both hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. 

5.  Revlon No Pinch Mini Curler ($3.99 at drugstores)
Ouch!  If you have ever pinched your eye with your eyelash curler, you know it's not a pleasant feeling.  Revlon's No Pinch Mini Curler is here to save the day!  The padded, innovative design allows you to get close enough to the eye to curl even sparse, fine lashes (like my own Asian lashes) without accidentally clamping your skin.  A painless way to prep your lashes for mascara!

6.  Three Custom Color Custom Blending (
Don't you hate it when a company discontinues your favorite shade of eyeshadow or blush?  Well now you don't have to worry about wasting time and money trying to find a similar shade.  The Three Custom Color specialists offer a custom color blending service.  You can either find a discontinued shade (from any brand) that is already on their website database or mail in a dime-sized sample of the lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, powder, etc. (from any brand) in the discontinued shade.  Three Custom Color will then send you their product in the shade that they have recreated for you. 

7.  Too Faced Better than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System ($35 at Sephora)
False eyelashes can be uncomfortable to wear, and lash extensions can be both costly and time consuming to maintain.  Another way to get long, sexy lashes?  The new Too Faced Better than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System.  This system uses three mascaras in three different steps and works by attaching small nylon fibers onto the lashes.  Step one is applying a base.  Next, brush on the nylon lashes until you have attained the desired length and volume.  Lastly, apply the mascara seal to accentuate the lashes with bold color and to stick the fibers to your lashes.  One bonus of this product is that is gives a more natural look than falsies.

8.  Sephora Perfect Manicure ($7 at Sephora)
For those of you with a shaky hand, the Sephora Perfect Manicure tool is here to help.  This handy tool acts a stand for you to rest your finger against when painting your nails.  It helps isolate the nail so that the nail polish ends up on your nails, not the skin around your nails, during the application process.   


  1. I must check out the custom color website, hope it will end my search for my favorite discontinued Mac gloss dupe!

    1. Be sure to check out online archive of discontinued shades to see if we've previously matched it. If not, and this is our preference, send in a sample to have matched. We'd love to bring it back!


  2. Thank you for including us!

    Three Custom Color